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The US presidential elections have been scheduled for coming 3 November, and its result is likely to be announced on 14 November. The Republican Party announced mike pence and Donald trump as the vice-president post and president post, respectively. On the other side, the indo-Jamaican senator Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are announced from Democratic Party for competing for the elections.

The opposition party has questioned the nominee of Kamala Harris to seek the votes of American Indians. Due to the corona pandemic, some events of the election are postponed in some states of the country. According to some poll results, people favor Joe Biden due to the economic crisis that the US has faced in Trump’s presidential ships. Nobody is sure this time will win, but, indeed, the new presidential ship will change much more in the US than ever before.

The chances of Donald Trump to win elections are relatively low due to his fewer efforts to manage the corona pandemic. Not only has this, but many other protests also increase in his leadership, which has destroyed people’s faith in him. But still, the final results are unpredictable, and it might shock the nation for sure.

Many things will affect the 2020 presidential elections. Let’s check them out!

Effects of corona pandemic on the US presidential election!

US presidential elections are adversely affected by the corona pandemic, as it has made people’s life on risk. The US is now on the top list of corona patients’ cases and the same with the death cases. Simultaneously, it has made the US economy more badly and down this year, and President Donald Trump has not taken any right steps to save it. We have lost their faith in the current president, which will surely make a significant impact on upcoming elections results.

Effect of racist movement on the US presidential election!

Many racist movements have taken place in recent times; you might be aware of such incidents as black lives matter and brown live matters. Such racist movement start after the death of George Floyd by some police officers. Such an experience has lead to several riots in different parts of the country. Many people have lost their lives in these riots. Many reports have blamed the Trump administration not to take strict actions toward this, and many reports have concluded this can be a reason for Donald Trump to lose this year’s elections.

Effect of foreign agencies on us presidential election!

Some reports have revealed some investigations which show that some countries like Russia, Iran, Pakistan, china are influencing us election by protesting and encouraging people against Donald Trump. Such countries are making massive hindrance to political instability in the US.

Such things are adversely affecting US elections, and this will make a significant impact on election results. But still, elections results are unpredictable, and no one knows who is actually going to win.

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