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Every country has their various great politicians but above them there is one leader those who handles all the other politician under his name. In this article we will be going to talk about the great politician as well as the leader of United State Of America that is Donald Trump. If we talk about his childhood then he was born and raised in Queens.

Later on in his life he joined or attended Fordham University for two years by which he came to learn various things related to his education and also on the other hand he received a bachelor’s degree later on. His father had run a great real-estate business. In 1971 he became the president of his father’s real estate business and he learned so many things from that.

After some times he wished to rename the real estate business and he gave it a new name that is The Trump Organization. His company was so repudiated as later on he built so many of buildings, golf courses, casinos and much more. He expanded his business so well that in more than 4000 states has been covered with his real estate business. He also owned the brand of beauty pageants from 1996 to 2015.

2016 was the essential year

In this year he entered in the presidential race as a normal republican. Also he achieved a surprise victory and became the oldest U.S. president. Tons of people had protested against him but he stood still at that time which makes him achieve what he wanted.

Now he runs the whole country in a very good manner and also he makes numerous new changes in America. He is one of the greatest inspirational leaders in the world which has now been given as an example in successful stories.

Challenged during presidency

While Donald Trump was in the phase of presidency he banned travelling for citizen. No people can travel in the United State Of America especially from the Muslim-majority countries. It is because of the security concerns and also tons of many other legal challenges has been occurred in the past back days.

He is the man of focus as it means that he never gets distracted from his mission or goals. It is one of the main reason why U.S.A. is today one of the most powerful country in the world with higher military equipments and force.

Business man and politician

Before entering in the field of politics he was the well known and successful business man of that time. He made so many money by the help of his real estate business and also in today’s time he has expanded his business in most of the parts of the world.

Builders like skyscraper and many other huge one is the specialty of his work. Later on in 2016 he first ran for presidency and because of his success and knowledge he won the election and now everyone know about him.

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