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Plenty of great international leaders are there those who are running their own living country and among them there is one known as Vladimir Putin. He is the one with great experience in politics and also at present he is running as president since 2012. In the early past back days he was holding the position from 1999 to 2008.

If we talk about his childhood then he was born in Leningrad and also he studied law at Leningrad State University. He completed his graduation in 1975 and later on he worked as KGB foreign intelligence officer for sharp 16 years which is really a very good experience.

He resigned in 1991 because at that moment he decided to move in for the political career in Saint Petersburg. Moscow was the place where he began in 1996 as he joined the administration of President Boris Yeltsin. Before appointed as the prime minister he has to face many challenges.

At first he served as Director of the federal security service and then secretary of Security Council. After proving himself he got to achieve the position of prime minister in august 1999. He later on resigned from Yeltsin and then he became an acting president and his growth was really good.

He was focused on his aim

Later on right after becoming acting president in just 4 months he was elected outright as the first term president. Afterwards in 2004 he was reelected for Russia. He is so good that at the time of his first tenure Russian economy grew for 8 years straight that is really a good streak.

GDP at that time which was measured by purchasing power has increase by 72% on the other hand real income has increased of 2.5. All these things states that he has eliminated almost all the unemployment in the country Russia. Recoveries has been done from the financial crisis and that is the excellent thing for the citizen of Russia. He is also big on the research of a vaccine for Covid-19, so possible you won’t be needing to use N95 Masks all the time a few years from now, however for the moment, you should to stay safe!

Dream since childhood

He dreamt to become the leader of the country and guide it to the right path since the childhood. It is one of the topmost reason for why he was so focused to his goals. He has also served as prime minister in his past back days which make him experience almost all the major aspects in relation of politics.

Later from 2012 he never got defeated as he won many election and all of that things is possible because of his hard work and in 2015 little bit of GDP got shrink but later on in 2016 the recession was officially ended.

Undefeatable international leader

He is the one international leader whose name comes in undefeatable politicians. He is still working way hard for the development of the country as he is still now the head of the state. Also people do love him because of his great love and work for the Russia. He never let the economy of Russia to fall down.

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