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Coronavirus has affected people, businesses, and governments globally. It has not left even then the strongest and most powerful nations such as the US and Russia untouched. As you all know that till now, there is no proven medicine or vaccine for Covid-19, but all countries are putting all their resources and money to become the first country to produce the vaccine for Coronavirus. Hence, in times like this, it is a must to get ourselves ready financially, and playing some fun sports betting games at https://www.ufabet123.com/%e0%b8%ab%e0%b8%a7%e0%b8%a2%e0%b8%ad%e0%b8%ad%e0%b8%99%e0%b9%84%e0%b8%a5%e0%b8%99%e0%b9%8c/ could help us with that.

All nations are trying to find the cure for this infection as soon as possible, but the USA and Russia are two countries that are at the top in the race. The US President Donald Trump has been seen passing some statement over the COVID-19 vaccine, and he seems to be highly confident about it, and soon the USA will be able to get great success in it.

If Trump can find a vaccine and put an end to this worldwide pandemic, then it will be an excellent achievement for him and his country. It will make him leave a mark forever, and after this pandemic situation is over, he will be remembered as the one who fought with COVID-19 and defeated it and save the whole world.

When can we expect the COVID-19 vaccine, according to Trump?

One of the biggest questions in the mind of people is that till when they can expect the COVID-19 vaccine to be launched. In some recent tweets of Donald Trump, he has given some hints to the people before the elections in November, and experts believe that it must be related to the vaccine.

In a recent press conference, Trump declared that there is great progress in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, and it is in its final trial stage. So, we can expect that he may launch it for the world before the November elections, which will give him a significant boost and will ensure his win the next elections too.

What are some real issues with this declaration made by Trump?

The news shared by Trump about the vaccine is undoubtedly a ray of sunshine in the dark, but it also involves some risks. There are numerous possible drawbacks to it too, and one of them is people being more careless. Now, as people know that there is no proper vaccine for this problem, so they all are taking all the needed precautions and are alert.

With such a statement, people may get careless as they know soon vaccine will be there, so there is no risk in roaming out without any mask. Another issue is that Trump has told that in a press conference, there is no official statement from the authorities, which makes it less reliable.

The pressure on the government can cause a problem

Now, as Donald Trump has given some hope to the whole world, so there is great pressure on his government to live up to the expectations. This pressure may lead to them launching the vaccine without proper trials and safety tests. It will not give them enough time to check the efficiency and safety of the vaccine.

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