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I grew up in Texas on the plains and when I was 19 I decided it was time to move to the mountains. All of this outdoorsy stuff was so new to me and I ate it all up. It was so exhilarating and exciting! The very first summer I was in Colorado I decided it was time for me to do something new and different for a summer job and I decided to apply to work for a non-profit that sent individuals in teams out to do trail maintenance work, in short, a trail crew.

Everything I was learning was brand new information to me and at times I felt like an outsider but everyone was so kind and kept teaching me more things. One of the most important things that we did was help divert water from the trails into run offs so the trails wouldn’t be damaged or ruined by the water. This was because water went rushing along the trail can cause erosion and change the entire structure of your trail system which will in turn decrease the safety of individuals on these trails and cause more money in the upkeep of the trail. This got me to thinking about water and how we have to go through great lengths in many cases to stop erosion and flooding from happening. There were several places on the trails where we knew historically flooding would happen and so we created systems that would divert and release the water on the trail.

You can take it further to look at roads and how they have slanted the roads just so so that water doesn’t pool up and cause damage to the road. We created those subtle slants in the trails too. There must be so many other ways we work overtime to prevent water damage was happening in great scales. Even minute flooding can damage a house’s floors and so communities have to bear that in mind when they are building in new spaces. They have to consider where and how the water will rise and then where and how it will run off to prevent any flooding near residential areas. In residential areas it is especially important to make sure any flooding stays at bay, no pun intended. All of this got me to thinking how we have created businesses around water and its relationship with us and what lengths we go through to stay safe.

Some of the businesses that are created other than construction crews, trail crews and government planning on water damage restoration companies. These companies come in and any point day or night and help individuals heal from any water damage they might be experiencing in their home. They will suck up and dry up the water so individuals can get their house back as it was before. Working on the trail crew really helped me see all the lengths that people go through to prevent water damage was affecting our lives and the lives of those around us.

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