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President has always remained in headlines due to his interesting tweets and words. Bob Woodward, an American investigative reporter, shared in his upcoming boon rage, the sequel of 2018 released book rage. 

In the book, Woodward shared Trump about Trump being president, which is actually derived from a conversation that the reporter had with Trump in march 2016. We are here sharing some takeaways from rage and sharing president trump’s thoughts on ex-president Barak Obama.

Bob Woodward’s book rage and trump sayings!

The rage book doesn’t really need any marketing sources, as Trump is the source and gateway to great marketing. Bob got times to speak with Trump more than eighteen times, where he has talked regarding everything from the world leader, Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, ex-president Barak Obama, us military, and other authorities as well.

Trump expressed himself and the governing principle of his presidency, and bob Woodward has derived the book title through the conservation he had with the president. There are several sensational revelations that reporters shared that Trump actually makes COVID-19 look less important than in reality. In February, Trump shared the seriousness of the coronavirus and even criticized the author for long sitting.

Trump on former President Obama!

When talking about Michael Cohen, the attorney of president trump share trump’s consideration for the predecessor. “I don’t know. I don’t know Obama’s smart,” Trump shared at he thinks Barak Obama is overrated and even not a good speaker.

Trump added that one of his ultimate goals is to undo Obama’s accomplishments. Trump saying all these things about the predecessor, is surely a hot topic of discussion.  There are several revelations that Woodward made in his upcoming book regarding Trump and his presidency. 

Other takeaways from ‘rage.’

Us military denigration: president shared the news regarding us military that they consider alliances more than trade deals. President even called us military suckers during an interview with Bob Woodward for spending such a huge cost to protect south Korea.

Black people feel in the country: reporter Woodward and President Trump has the privilege of being white and asked him to express the reason behind black people’s anger in the country. Trump responded with no and said he didn’t feel so. He even explained that the economy was positive for black people before the corona pandemic happened all around the world. 

Relationship with North Korea and Russia leaders: Woodward got details regarding the relation of Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jung un, where Mr. Kim mentioned his relationship with Trump is like a fantasy film. Trump also shared information regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin and his campaign with Russia. The Russian president told Trump that it is a shame because making a deal with them is hard to chase, and Trump responded with acceptance.

Hence, these are some of these takeaways from the Bob Woodward book’s apart what the president thinks of his predecessor. You can be surely considered the details stated above regarding us politics. 

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