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Gold has many qualities which have made it very valuable throughout human history. It is beautiful in clarity and color, very malleable and can be found in nature in its purest form. Because of these qualities, gold is an incredibly versatile metal. It is not only used in modern industry but also has a great historical value.

Gold Investment

Gold has been used for jewelry and other fine crafts throughout recorded history, right back to prehistoric times when people first began to make use of the precious metal as a way to build monuments out of stone and create rudimentary tools. At that time, gold was primarily used to make tools. Although gold has many wonderful properties, its greatest attribute is its high electrical conductivity. This is why you’ll find gold buried deep within the ground.

It is also prone to appear flawless when it is left alone. Unlike silver, which can have many flaws such as pitting, discoloration and tarnishing, and other metals like copper, gold is a completely pure substance that doesn’t need any refining before it looks good on your wrists, necks, and earrings. Because of this, gold is often used to create handmade silver jewelry which is then presented as a gift. One advantage of gold for jewelry making is its lighter weight than sterling. This means that jewelry that is pure gold (such at wedding rings) can often be more affordable that silver jewelry made from the same materials.

There are many reasons that gold jewelry is considered more valuable then other metals. One reason is that gold jewelry is more valuable than other types of metals because it is harder to scratch than any other metals. This makes it more resistant to damage than gold coins and silver. Also, due to its electrical conductivity, gold is very unlikely to tarnish, making it an even better conductor of electricity. Finally, unlike other metals, it doesn’t easily corrode, which makes it resistant to water, salt and other chemicals that can harm metal.

People associate gold with power because of its high electrical charge, reason why gold investment is a common strong financial activity. This makes it a powerful symbol of wealth as well as success. Gold is the only metal to have a combination element. These and other facts like these have led to gold being considered as the most precious metal in the world.

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